Our team

Tsarà relies on a strong combination of skills: volunteers, members and companies. The association is open to all, the team is happy to welcome you every day to support their project. 

To join us, send us an email: [email protected] 

The Board of Directors
Tiana, President
Dominique, Vice-President
Claire, Secretary (Carole, Deputy Secretary)
Ravo, Treasurer (Florent, Deputy Treasurer)
Tsila Andria – Project Coordinator

Our Honorary President
Dadah, neurosurgeon at the hospital HJRA (Antananarivo, Madagascar) and songwriter composer and singer of the music band Mahaleo
We were saddened to learn of the passing of our Honorary President, the doctor Rakotobe Andrianabela also known as Dadah Mahaleo, on November 3rd 2019.