Editorial by the president of Tsarà

Since February 1st, 2010, the date when I donated one of my kidneys, I have always nurtured the idea of ​​humanitarian action for people suffering from kidney disease in Madagascar.

Aware that the road would be long, I created the association Tsarà in November 2011, surrounded by volunteers (students, doctors, singer-songwriter, employees, family) with the aim of helping kidney patients in Madagascar.
Among our missions: provide dialysis generators and medical equipment, train local medical teams, and in the longer term, perform kidney transplantation.

We were aware that the Malagasy context was going to be difficult, and to increase our chances of achieving it, we also turned to Malagasy and international partners and patrons.

Tsarà ran into obstacles and it didn’t always work as expected. But the difficult is surmountable!
It was with effort and patience that Tsarà’s team succeeded in:

  • supply dialysis machines in 2015, 2019 and 2020
  • bring dialysis supplies and medication
  • have medical beds installed in the nephrology department
  • create collaborative work with malagasy nephrologists

Today, Tsarà continues its commitment and needs your support to continue to work for public service in Madagascar, to forge its alliance with local and external partners, to find financial support to operate.

With you, we will move forward sustainably and as far as possible!


Tiana Rakotonirainy,
President of Tsarà

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