How it all started

During several years, Tiana and Carole have cared for a loved one who was suffering from renal failure, up until 2010, when he was able to get a transplant. Since then, he has been living like a normal person, without dialysis.

All of this has been made possible thanks to the available means that exist in France: medical care and follow-up, regular laboratory tests, hospitalization and prompt medical care in case of emergency.

Tiana and Carole carried out researches about treatments for renal insufficient people in Madagascar. The result of the first researches was a shock: only the few “privileged” ones could benefit from a treatment, or go to the Reunion Island to receive healthcare and pay the price, while the other ones were waiting for the end in some kind of dignity…

“Act immediately”

There was no doubt on the project and its success. The decision was made: we had to act immediately and urgently.

Tsarà was officially founded when Florent, a former scout leader, came to strengthen the core team, back in November 2011. The project then quickly took shape thanks to our friends, family and network who contributed to its acceleration.

With the overall project progress, it seemed obvious that Tsarà would respond to a real need, and that its development had to continue in a sustainable way.